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Today’s Letter to Tim Burchett

I am a constituent of Mr. Burchett. On May 24, 2023 at 11:53am, Mr. Burchett tweeted:

“The Biden administration thinks that Americans don’t care about what happened on the ground during the Afghanistan withdrawal and have obstructed our efforts to conduct oversight. Someone needs to be held accountable and these families need vindication and closure.”

I now email Mr. Burchett instead of replying to his tweets. I encourage everyone to email their representatives. Stop giving elected officials dopamine by replying to the social media prompts. Put them to work by sending emails which they must give a reply.

My letter to Mr. Burchett:

I expect more professionalism from my elected officials. Mr. Burchett is attempting to stir up people instead of doing his job which is in part to inform his constituents. Being intentionally ambiguous is just an attempt to get people riled. Instead of saying “someone needs to be held accountable” list their names. If Mr. Burchett does not know, then find out before sending the message.

In this case, I can answer Mr. Burchett’s ambiguity. “Someone needs to be held accountable.” That someone is Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo.

Drop the sensationalism and provide us the information and represent us as you were elected to do. You are a representative not a Hollywood personality.

Thank you,
Doug McCaughan

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