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The day in review

This Morning

Stressing. I really should wake the wife and ask for her help. I need to stretch. Body sore. I should have laid my clothes out last night. My juggling gear should have already been in order. I go to bed too early and sleep too late all the time!

Blast my memory. A mom at Krispy Creme said we could take the report cards somewhere else for something else free.

Must do’s! Juggle and teach juggling at the school for clown day (morning and mid afternoon). (late afternoon) Prepare for casino tonight; ie. refresh my mind on terminology, test wireless mic with small speakers. Submit a resume. (evening) Mock casino; deal craps.

Last Night

I took Noah to soccer and practiced juggling. I went around the bend so that the kids couldn’t see me and be distracted. I still had enough of a view to be able to tell Noah to pay attention and ask him to quick karate kicking the other players (the 7 yr old boys love that game!).

Came home and prompted Tommy to get out of the tub which was a task. Spent time in bed talking to wife and eatting ice cream and watching Futurama.

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