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Don’t want to kill people? Pretend to kill people! March 12, 2005 10:12 am

Posted by djuggler in : Daily Life
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In the past to get out of being in the Army you simply had to “be gay.” That’s always the case now-a-days. This blog is full of crap points out to us that there is a more creative avenue for escaping enlistment.

Army frowns on Dungeons and Dragons
IDF says players are detached from reality and automatically given a low security clearance.

  • They’re detached from reality and suscepitble to influence
  • Simply detached from reality
  • The game indicates a weak personality
  • These people have a tendency to be influenced by external factors which could cloud their judgment

Tonight Tommy and I head over to a friend of his for a fun game of Dungeons and Dragons. There goes my Q clearance!

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