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Oh Piss! May 5, 2005 7:38 am

Posted by djuggler in : Daily Life
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I just removed the old toilet seat and throughly scrubbed the toilet. While the lid was off and I was out, Noah (almost 9) steps in and uses the commode and leaves. I step back in to find my nice shiny ivory puddled with pools of yellow. I call him in and give him the lecture about cleaning up and he rebutes “but I didn’t miss.” I insist he did and have him clean up the reasons I believe so.

I get the new toilet seat afixed to the commode and moments later Tommy (14) wanders in. Not until after he leaves for school do I happen into the bathroom to discover my nice shiny ivory puddled with pools of yellow. Had I called him on it I know for certain he would have whined at me “but I didn’t do that!”

How do you get two boys that either don’t care or just are that oblivious to aim their weapons? Ah! This will not go over well but I am going to make them clean the toilet everytime they use it so that they become aware. I have suggested to the older one that he sit not stand and he took offense at that. It also doesn’t solve the problem as slight aiming is still required.

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