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PRESS RELEASE: Co-Star of Bruce Lee Visits Knoxville

Co-Star of Bruce Lee’s "Enter the Dragon" To Visit Knoxville Karate School

John Saxon, co-star of Bruce Lee‘s "Enter the Dragon" classic Martial Arts movie will be visiting Jack Butturini American Karate Bearden location on Saturday August 6th. Mr. Saxon will be signing autographs and giving interviews from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

John Saxon, in addition to co-starring with Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee, appeared on over 100 feature films including "The Unforgiven, Posse from Hell, Warhunt, Joe Kidd, Fast Company, The Electric Horseman, Blood Beach, Wrong is Right, Nightmare on Elm Street 1, 3, and 7, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Dusk til Dawn, The Road Home and Outta Time."

John was also a regular on prime time television show "Falcon Crest" during the 1980’s.

Recently John appeared on stage with Debbie Reynolds in "Love Letters" and is currently writing a screenplay.

Jack Butturini American Karate Bearden is located at 5718 Kingston Pike, between Sonic and Nixon’s Deli.

For more information, contact Mr. Todd Potts at 865-330-9992.

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