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Rezoning continues…Feeder schools

I had a call today and had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gordon Boyd of WVLT regarding the next phase of Knox County Schools rezoning, feeder schools (ie. Middle and Elementary). If they use my footage, it will air between 5:30 and 6 today. I enjoyed the interview and afterwards thought many wonderful ideas and tidbits of information I could have shared and probably could have talked another 15 minutes. Of all this school rezoning stuff, I have really come to respect the quality of our local reporters. Regardless of station, they are professional, courteous, well informed, and very friendly. I am very unimpressed with some of our school board members and hope that they will never again run for office unopposed! That said, Cindy Buttry, Robert Bratton, and Thomas Deakins did their jobs very well, deserve commendation, and should be re-elected. I cannot speak much one way or another for Rex Stooksbury or Jim Williams. I was terribly unimpressed with Sam Anderson and do not think he holds office with an open mind. Karen Carsen needs happy pills and to not hold office. I thought Indya Kincannon was going to be a good board member but in the end I think she is just a good politician. I felt she played both sides of the fence and at the last minute chose the side that benefited her the most. Dan Murphy is a self-serving, arrogant ass and should be booted out of office today.

Update: Here’s the article with a link to the video.

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