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And how’d your day start?

My day began with a discussion about "The mating rituals of the screw worm.""

4 thoughts on “And how’d your day start?

  1. Keep us appraised on how the rest of the day turns out.

  2. I was got baby shit on me

  3. Now I wonder who that discussion was with

  4. I suppose some explanation is in order. We were talking about extremely boring graduation speakers.

    At first I thought we were talking about high school and I couldn’t see how stating “The mating rituals of the screw worm” wouldn’t keep a class in stitches for the whole speech; I mean the speaker said “mating” and “screw” in the same breath then threw in “worm” (should be a penis reference; it’s not) but still a funny word and then saying “rituals” makes anything funny.

    But alas, we were talking about a graduation ceremony for masters students and “The mating habits of the screw worm” is an actual government study (although I haven’t found it yet). I think the speaker did the study (although he could have been referencing Knipling) and pointed out to the class the importance of the study (was this a reference to Jamaica?). The speaker’s point was “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and noted the significance of the study “The mating rituals of the screw worm.” Apparently he was still boring.

    more screw worm info

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