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Can we leave the house?

I would love to take the children to the Bijou Theatre on July 11th! On a side note, if anyone every watched the "Save the Bijou" video, I’m the juggler.

Ariele Ebacher’s Funambulist Fantasy *** Joel Baker, Clown *** The Musical Wizardry of Frederik Iversen, the world’s only Reverse Organist *** A.J. Silver, the Cowboy from the Boogie Down Bronx Magic Hat Variety 12-Packvariety show*** Bubbling Burlesque *** Ring Mistress Philomena’s Precision Target Bullwhip Cracking *** Red Hot Fire Eating **** Mr. Pennygaff’s Solid Steel Sword Swallowing *** Unbelievable Orificular Love Poetry: A Wordless Tribute to Love’s Ins & Outs *** Audience Members Risking It All in Our Amazing Beer Drinking Contest *** Arresting Aerial Artistry on the Trapeze *** an amazing All Juggling finale… And MORE MORE MORE! [Source]

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