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AT&T Secret Room Back in the News November 8, 2007 6:47 am

Posted by Doug McCaughan in : Communications, Privacy, Technology, Touchy Subjects
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The Washington Post brings us a story from Mark Klein, a former AT&T technician, about the AT&T secret room used by the NSA to copy the entire Internet.

He knew that the NSA was supposed to work on overseas signals intelligence. … "This splitter was sweeping up everything, vacuum-cleaner-style," he said. "The NSA is getting everything. These are major pipes that carry not just AT&T’s customers but everybody’s." … the NSA was doing content analysis. [Source, The Washington Post, A Story of Surveillance]

Do you feel safer giving your government unchecked authority?

Update: See also: AT&T Whistleblower: Telecom Immunity Is A Cover-Up

Update: BoingBoing points to Senator Dodd’s video at the EFF.

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