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An active mind is a healthy mind

Knocking the plaques off the brain. Began the day with some Spanish practice and some Morse code practice. Then jumped into and the first challenge I was given was…”write a Morse code decoder!”
Here’s my passing code (wordpress stripped the indentions):
function decode_morse(string $code): string {
$returnstring = ”;

//break the input string into words based on three spaces between words
$morsewords = explode(‘ ‘,$code);
foreach($morsewords as &$word){

//translate each letter of each word from Morse using the built-in library
$morse = explode(‘ ‘,$word);
foreach($morse as &$value){
$returnstring .= MORSE_CODE[$value];
$returnstring .= ‘ ‘;

//clean up return string by removing any leading or trailing spaces we added or that were in the original input string
return trim($returnstring);

Now to return to becoming a PowerApps and Azure expert. Light the incense, dim the lights, and turn up the cyberpunk. I’m going in!

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Any .NET advice for this?

Maybe you .NET experts could give me a shove in the correct direction.

I am still trying to resolve this error: "Error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: ‘DocMapUpdatePanelId’ is not a property or an existing field."

My ReportViewer won’t function and I’ve narrowed it down to system.web.extensions. I am using Framework 4.6.1 and should be using system.web.extensions The references show it as and when I try to add the reference I get a message that says “system.web.extensions is already referenced” I cannot remove the reference either.

When I look in the GAC, I do not see but instead system.web.extensions

I am working with Visual Studio 2017. I have installed all updates. No amount of uninstalling and reinstallng via NuGet makes a difference. Adding and removing dlls from the bin directory makes no difference. Solution has been cleaned. Temporary files have been cleared repeatedly.

Going to the forums with this results in a bunch of guessing, or silence.

Pretty sure I’m in Hell.

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My thoughts on acts of violence

For each person who has lived on our soil and gone on to commit an act of violence, be it Timothy McVeigh or the 9/11 hijackers or the Columbine kids or any of the others, each one of those represents a failing on us as a society to not embrace them, to make them one of us, and let them see the American Dream and our way of life as great enough to put aside their wish to do harm and to feel welcome and loved enough to put down their arms. Step out of your homes, hug your neighbors, wave at a stranger (with more than your middle finger), let that person merge in traffic, accept one another, quit labeling and name calling, resist the media and politicians’ efforts to divide us with fear and hate, and generally practice being nice.

Together we stand; divided we fall. Let love overcome!

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More cord cutting

I did it. I committed to being a Comcast customer for the next 2 years. $109.95 per month set in stone. 50Mbps down/ 10Mpbs up. Unlimited. $200 installation fee; $150 rebate. And yes, if I terminate in less than 24 months, I’m on the hook for 75% of the remainder. So if 6 months remain when I cancel, I’d owe $495.

Negatives? No television whatsoever. Positives? No more data cap.

My overage charges alone in July were $110.

Now, saying, “I’m going to pay $2638.80 for two years of Internet connectivity” sounds ludicrous. Add in Netflix roughly $20 a month. $3118.80 and Hulu ($7.99/mth) $3310.56. And now add cellphone service: $12,358,56. So, if my family wanted to cut out all entertainment and phone services, in two years, I could take them on one of the cheaper Disney vacations. Or, we could skip Disney and stay current with The Walking Dead.