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Can’t say NO to juggling

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One thing I do to give back to the community is juggling shows. I usually do 3 or 4 a year for organizations such as churches, the Mental Health Association, the homeless shelters, and always Rocky Hill Elementary’s Clown Day! My standard policy has been first come first serve as long as I don’t do more than one show a month and typically I only do one a quarter. After my last juggling show, I decided I wouldn’t do any more juggling shows until I removed some of the chaos from my life and purchased some new equipment. I have also let myself fall into a state of disrepair. I don’t stretch or exercise at all and I want to practice more and refine my show. These shows really take a lot out of me physically.

The chaos remains although it is a more organized chaos than in the past. My equipment still looks like discards from a Ringling Brother’s tour. And I am in pathetic shape. None the less, today I am doing two shows! First I will be juggling for the National Reservists. I feel like Bob Hope! Then I will be juggling for Sacred Heart Catholic Church’s parish picnic. Hopefully they’ll forgive me when I drop. I’m going to hurt tonight. Oh, And I’ve been fighting that cough and cold all week, and my mic hasn’t been repaired, so yelling for three 30-45 minute shows is going to guarantee I won’t be talking at all this coming week! I’ll still have a blast!

Update: Woohoo! My mic is working after a quickie repair! My voice is saved.

Update: The mic died before the first show. Apparently my repair was inadequate. I had a great time at both shows. The heat and noise with the lack of a mic made them a bit more physically demanding than normal. In the end, my voice was gone and my legs were rubbery. I was very happy to see people smile and laugh at my antics. I also have really cool 278th ball cap now! And I think some of my sins are absolved.

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  1. I love it when you have no voice. Oh, I mean – poor baby.

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