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One card to rule them all!

Early adopters buy one now! Pre-orders are half price at $50 instead of $100.

Coin is basically a programmable swipe card. You store all your credit cards, building entry cards, loyalty cards, etc. (anything with a magnetic strip) in your smartphone. The physical Coin card can hold up to 8 cards in its memory. If you need to swap one out, you plug the Coin swipe device (think Square) into the headphones jack of your smartphone, select the card you need, and swipe the Coin and it is now programmed with the correct card.

Imagine leaving your credit card at a restaurant. We’ve all done it. You know the fear of someone having access to your bank accounts while we rush back to the store, the hassle of being on hold with the credit card company to cancel the card, etc. With Coin, if it detects that it is away from your phone for a set amount of time, the card deactivates until you reactivate it. It becomes a useless piece of plastic! Also if you start to walk away from it, your phone beeps to warn you that the Coin has possibly been left behind. When we hand a card to a waiter, they could write down the numbers on the card. With Coin, only the last 4 digits of the credit card number are ever shown.

Coin makes your wallet smaller and your transactions more secure. Buy yours today!.

Disclaimer: I’ve pre-ordered mine. Each of the links to Coin in this post includes my referral link. I receive a $5 credit from Coin for each referral that makes a purchase which means once ten people have purchased through my link, my Coin becomes free. If you are going to purchase one, please do it with one of these links. Thank you!

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