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But one goal today

Truth be told, I have many goals today. Two major professional goals and many personal goals.

But for the moment, I have but one goal. Nothing else matters. The house can burn down around me and I won’t stop. A client has reported a problem that I simply cannot reproduce. So my immediate goal, no matter how long it takes, is to reproduce that issue. That is all.

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I appear too busy

I often hear "Doug, you are too busy." I have missed opportunities because people assume I am too busy and do not offer the opportunity to me. I will be busy the rest of my life. I will rest when I die. Granted, I will get my nightly sleep and I will appreciate nature and meditate but I will not rest until I die. That is to say, I want a full life. I want a life that I can look back upon and smile knowing I have contributed and made a difference. As such, I will do much. And if you ask me to do something that I cannot take on or do not feel fits into my personal mission statement, I will politely decline. If you offer me an opportunity that excites me, I will reevaluate my commitments and decide if something can be removed to make room for your opportunity. Yes, I am busy. No, I am not too busy.

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What to do with 300 tee shirts?

I asked the question a while back. I’ve misplaced the answers. Some were akin to "make a quilt." I’ve given some shirts over to rags n the garage. I hate the idea of simply adding the shirts to the trash. I don’t think any donation service like Goodwill or Ladies of Charity would actually take these. I think they can be added to compost but I’m not composting at the time.

So, what can I do with 300 tee shirts that date back to the 80s?

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My younger self always thought it had something to do with being a jock, having money, or being with the in-crowd; that younger self would have laughed silly at being told getting laid all hinged on finishing a wood floor.