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 Time to join the fad. For a year I’ve wanted to write my own blog program and that sums me up. I have several great ideas that fail to leave the ground for one reason or another.

Here are today’s events that inspired me to become a publisher:
* Found potential jobs in Careers section of paper last night, went to apply only to note that applications must be sent by mail (ergo, I’ll be out of food before those turn into money)
* Printer has run out of color ink (no marketing flyers)
* Bank 1 has run out of money; bank 2 will dry up tomorrow
* Microsoft word crashes on the computer that works
* As a web developer, my equipment supports me. So the monitor on my graphics machine died leaving only this monitor which is in the process of dying. So when it goes, how do I support myself and family? [had I been blogging it would be quite humorous to flood the stream of dying equipment in my house– video cards, starter motors, dryer, kids scooters (both brand new), sink, sink, sink, sink, faucet, faucet, faucet and more

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