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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

* Woke at 4:15am and was inspired to rise and begin my stretching exercises that use to make me feel so good and whole. Blackness–guess I never made it out of bed. Woke at 6. The covers were warm and soft and sang the songs of the sirens. Their melody was beyond beautiful! Got out of bed at 6:15 and got the kids moving. Answered the call of the sirens for 15 more minutes. Checked on the kids. Checked on the sirens. Checked on the kids. Checked on the sirens. Finally got up. Proceeded to answer the 10 yr old’s control freak moment with a moment of anger. Note to self, “handled it all wrong!” Half hearted attempt to fix it and made sure to tell her I loved her.

* After car pool (which is more like a taxi service since the other family never drives), I stopped by Weigel’s for our daily 2 gallons of milk (which is actually down to 2 gallons every other day right now–I’d like to think the kids were actually drinking water but I know better). Give the 13 yr old his medicine (7:45ish).

* The 19 mth old awakes and I change her, feed her and then we play together on the couch until the 13 yr old stirs. I selfishly ask him to play with the baby while I return to the sirens and fall into a deep sleep. I get up every 15 minutes to check on the kids until my wife rises then I allow myself to drift off deeper until 9:30am.

* Return phone calls. One is for a local 2 day job, the other is about the contract, drug screening, crimal background check and more on the 11 month job that I don’t want to take. The first paycheck won’t even come until after the mortgage company has threatened to begin foreclosure procedures (although I’m certain that if I fax them a copy of the employment contract that they will have mercy..its always in their best interest to not foreclose.)

* Now 11:45 and I’m a little scatter brained. I have to get a quote to someone and I know that what I should charge will be way out of line and I fear over pricing myself out of work but I know the damage that can be caused by working too cheaply. Ugh! FOCUS! The focus is the proposal. After that I’ll set up the development environment for the local work. Must get some resumes out today and some marketing emails and some marketing materials to local businesses (not enough time for all of that!) ok. Marketing materials tomorrow. Stay electronic today and stay in your chair.

Last Night

* strong dizziness. Went to bed early hoping to rise early. Started watching Chicago an absolutely amazing show! Couldn’t make it. Grabbed zz’s

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