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good times * took the 7yr old and the 10 yr old t…

good times

* took the 7yr old and the 10 yr old to Krispy Kreme for their great report card doughnuts. Teased them the whole trip saying I was dropping them off for an all night study session at the school “since you got such good grades and want to keep them good they are going to have you stay at the school studying math and spelling” I even went into the school parking lot. I kept prompting “but what would YOU do for an honor roll student” and asked the question many different ways. I was almost to Krispy Kreme before they figured it out.

bad times

* Was having a relaxing evening and watching Smallville with the wife and wanted to get my dinner but my carelessness knocked over an open container of apple sauce which hit the ground perfectly to cover me from head to toe. I was furious and really held it back but still yelled “who’s apple sauce am I wearing”. I resist any cursing but still questioned why open containers were in the fridge and the wife got mad and I feel like absolute crap. I thought I was going to pop a blood vessle in my head because of the mixed emotions but mostly anger towards myself for losing my temper. Now things are unbearably tense.

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