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This afternoon has been quite an adventure. * Wen…

This afternoon has been quite an adventure.

* Went to the bank to deposit an insurance check. Balance still negative but account doesn’t get closed until the 19th so I still have a chance to save it.

* Went to Nature’s Pantry. Doc Bro bought some ear candles for me but the customer service guy couldn’t find them. He was the first rudeish person I’ve ever run across at Nature’s Pantry. I asked, “Could they be at the register?” To which he replied, “No. We wouldn’t do that.” Vmails to the Bro and wife.

* Office Depot to get a bound pad of paper for the 13 yr old’s school work and erasable coloring pencils. At the check-out, I notice a table set up with a sign “Free Blood Pressure Check” Just what the brother ordered! First numbers come in at 178/86. 2nd numbers 143/86 pulse 72. Oh I remember the days of a 58 pulse everytime!

* Coming out of Office Depot channel 8 WVLT interviews me, unshaven and not at my most literate, for a 5:30 report they are doing on whether or not unlimited long distance saves money. I gave good commentary but wasn’t minding any of my actorial training. I am and probably always will be a theatrical performer instead of on camera.

* Brother’s wife is on the phone when I am passing Nature’s Pantry again so we go in and speak with Michelle who says “Oh, it’s by the register” (remember, “we would never put it there”?) So I’m prepared to have my ears vaccuumed. Looking forward to it. Maybe my hearing will improve 🙂

* Passing Am South I stop for their promotion and get the kids some B-97 promotional items, sign up for $1000 give-a-away and turn down a free checking account and a chance to grab money out of their money booth.

* Back to work

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