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* 9:27 wife still in bed with a migraine. I should…

* 9:27 wife still in bed with a migraine. I should be calling my client to say I’m done but I still have some solid work to do. Baby is unwatched. 13 yr old is trying to have a fight. I haven’t been able to bathe and get dressed. Sears has called and I uncomfortably wrote them a check for 2/7. Employment agency called and asked if I could do 12 hours a day Monday – Thursday to make the contract happen. * Proceeded to go upstairs and do battle with the 13yr old. I reverted to my old forceful ways and handled him wrongly. I’ve been doing so much better. I am very disappointed in myself. I pushed him into the bathroom causing him to scream and disturb the 7yr old and his friend, the baby staring in confusion, and wake the wife. He refused to do anything but sit on the floor screaming so I pushed his 170+ pounds half way into the tub and began watering his head down. I left and when I returned he still refused to make any move so I put him in the tub and turned the water on where he proceeded to simply sit and let the water cover his jeans. — I shouldn’t take my anger and frustration out on others. Yes, he was picking a fight since he woke up, had several times baited me with yelling and anger but I should have more tolerance. Turns out he is in a bad mood because the other kids have today off but he is being made to do schoolwork today since he really didn’t work this past week as hard as he should (and he has it pretty easy).

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