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* forgot to add in the "lousy father" report. Went…

* forgot to add in the “lousy father” report. Went upstairs this morning and the hall gate is open for the dog (a puppy that is staying for a day or two) to romp and chew up all kinds of things. The door to the 10yr old’s room (where the 19mth old sleeps until I can get on my feet enough to build an addition) is wide open. The 13 yr old and 7 yr old are playing ps2 in the 13yr old’s room. Without as much as a “good morning” I jump on them. The 13yr old should have brought down his medicine when he got up. (that was all he got) The 7yr old has been told repeatedly not to eat food on the furniture. He’s munch right out of the cereal box. And they aren’t supposed to have food in the bedrooms at all since we tried it and it didn’t work out. He left the gate open. And left the bedroom door open after “going in to check on the baby” (which is terribly sweet but if that door squeaks she wakes). Bad dad! bad dad! I had a 2nd voice in my head saying “back off” “its no big deal” “correct your tone” and after that initial instinctive “jump on them for this” I pulled in the reigns.

I have to learn “7 yr old boys have their brains turned off” and that our 13yr old is really a 7yr old in a big body.

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