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* Read some in Diaspora with the dictionary in my …

* Read some in Diaspora with the dictionary in my other hand. Taught the 7 yr old how to look up words in the dictionary.

* Checked the 10 yr old’s homework. She had done 2 problems from one section then the last 3 problems from the previous, easier section. She got it all straightened out and didn’t argue when I asked her not to erase the other work. Made sure both heads were combed and at least the 7yr old brushed and flossed.

* Drove kids to schoool. Man is it ever cold outside!

* Stopped by Pilot to pick up a free lottery ticket. Got inside and realised how ragged I must look. Haven’t bathed in days. Enjoyed the scene and listened to the chatter for a second and left. Today is Tennessee’s first lottery day.

* Returned home, added wood to the fire–smaller sticks, trying to bring up the temperature. Fixed breakfast and am settling in for work. My mind immediately begins to revolt.

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