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* Talked to Mom at 4:45ish and feel better. Went t…

* Talked to Mom at 4:45ish and feel better. Went to pickup 10 yr old from a birthday party which always takes longer than expected. Being anywhere is better than being with the family! Dropped off ALL the kids at 5:30ish with the Grandmother and went to our first event cache which was very nice. It was fun to be just adults socializing and putting faces to the names of these people you feel like you’ve gotten to know just reading their log entries.

* Wife got a migraine 8ish and we rushed her home for rest. I wish I could have her back at the chiropractor and wish that I was better organized to actually fix her meals for a balanced diet.

* Went to pick up the 13 yr old and the 19mth old. Returned home with a very peaceful car ride only to have words with the 13yr old at the house. He has such a trashy mouth full of spite, hate and anger. Got them to sleep, checked email and am now here.

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