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The secret to the morning I’ve finally come to …

The secret to the morning

I’ve finally come to realize the secret of morning hours. For our sake let’s consider the wishful morning hour 4am and the realistic one 6am. Here’s the progression:


Mornings are necessary for a good parking space at school. 1 hour of flirting guaranteed. The shower helps wake up.

early 20s

Too hung over. The morning hours are when you stumble home from the bars and passout

late 20s

Mornings are once again social time…only now its at the gym and you feel great. Much work gets done because you get to the office before anyone else. You think you’ve discovered the elixir of life!!

Post 20s

Mornings are an unachievable goal where you dream of getting to have some quiet calm time to yourself where you can do something like read the newspaper before it gets thrown away. Instead, mornings mean rushing around trying to get the kids ready for school.

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