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* Day quickly going to hell. If you use the Covey …

* Day quickly going to hell. If you use the Covey planning approach, you’ll recognize that I struggle to be in Q2, live most of life in Q1 and too often slip into Q4–I’d say this is typical of most people. Q1 is killing me!

* Grabbed that powernap—oooohh so nice!

* Helped bathe the baby and put her down for her “not nap” (ie. she’s not napping)

* Some tech support to father-in-law

* Time to get freshened up for the meeting with the school system–a bunch of politically correct pain in the butts that realize all they have to do is talk crap to us a lot and we eventually move on. I debate taking this on as a pet project to bring change to the system. It would not impact us but would certainly make things better for future special needs children. Ah, that’s not the real reason–I’d just like to see a couple of idiots shit canned.

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