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* cat napped. stared at the computer. Then went an…

* cat napped. stared at the computer. Then went and chopped some wood. The 7 yr old joined me. Then the 10 yr old joined me. I walked down to the creek to discover that the “entrance” to the cave has developed into a sinkhole and has gotten larger. It’s concealed by leaves and debris but I’m going to have to make it a priority to see just what it has developed into. On the adventurous side, it may be an excuse to pull out the old haress and ropes and do a little spelunking. It’d be really cool if there was a half decent cave system to play around in. The negative is that the entrance is definitely not on my property which is good and bad.

The 10 yr old was in a very good mood and very helpful with the wood spliting and hauling it closer to the house.

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