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* After I got over being so groggy I got to realiz…

* After I got over being so groggy I got to realizing how much I really enjoy getting up and working with the kids in the morning. I began to feel guilty about leaving the baby to play in her crib so long. I also began to feel guilty over the role reversal concept. My wife does so much to make sure the kids are ready for school and to hold this family together. She deserves more.

Rushed to dress from 9-9:15 went to meeting on the 13 yr old’s theaputic horse riding and was there 2.5 hours. Stopped at a friend’s house on the way home to discuss how we should handle the 1099’s we are receiving from joint work done this past year. Found a gas station with a slopped parking lot and got gas. Must look funny to bystanders to see this guy in a dirty jeep and cowboy hat get out and put the jeep then run to catch up to it as it rolls down the hill, jump in, have tires squeal, then engine start.

Now heading for diapers and pickup the 7 yr old from a party.

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