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What I’ve done to that poor tree is sinful! The ne…

What I’ve done to that poor tree is sinful! The neighbor had a beautiful oak tree felled by a tornado. The power company brought it to the ground in huge chunks and I traded for it. Gave some electrical work in exchange for the tree. However, I asked that the power company cut it into manageable sized pieces so I could cord it and burn it in the wood stove. As I’m cutting this Oak up (some pieces nearly 4.5 feet in diameter) I’m realizing that it should have been boarded and planked. This would cuts so cleanly I could be making shingles with it! The grain is so fine it would make an elegant paneling some expensive board room. I, or the home owner, could have made a fortune keeping it in one chunk and having a crane take it to some lumber company.

Call it “live and learn.” Oh the other hand, I am getting tremendous pleasure out of cutting it and warming my house. The fire burns long and hot and produces a wonderful scent.

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