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Half full or half empty? What’s it gonna be?

My wife and I feel we’ve begun to relate well to new found online friends in Australia. From our readings of their blogs we are two very similar families. I received an email from them tonight with an excerpt from Chicken Soup for the Soul – a good reminder to appreciate people for what they do and not focus on what they do not do (or do “wrong”). Ironically I’m between books so the connection between Autstralia and the need to refocus my outlook on life has inspired me to re-read what I feel is a great book, Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. I understand that this book caused quite a stir amongst some Aboriginal people; for that, I do not understand the politics. I can however vouch for the spiritually uplifting feeling I get from reading the story. This book, as with most of my reading, was suggested to me. This time, instead of a friend, a total stranger in an airport singled this book out for me. On more than one occasion, airports have provided great reading references to me from other travellers.


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