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How to Make Permalinks Work

Earlier I wrote Trying to figure out how to make perma links work as a stream of conscious/troubleshooting note taking gibberish. Clear instructions follow:

The Blogger Knowledge Base notes “<a name=”<$BlogItemNumber$>”>&nbsp;</a> should go somewhere in your post body. If you include it in the itemtitles section, your post will only get numbered if you specify a title.)”

The blogger template has this code:

<BlogItemTitle><h2><$BlogItemTitle$><a name=”<$BlogItemNumber$>”>&nbsp;</a></h2></BlogItemTitle>

however, if your blogger post does not include a title, the anchor for the permalink will not get created. To fix this, change:

<BlogItemTitle><h2><$BlogItemTitle$><a name=”<$BlogItemNumber$>”>&nbsp;</a></h2></BlogItemTitle>


<a name=”<$BlogItemNumber$>”>&nbsp;</a><BlogItemTitle><h2><$BlogItemTitle$></h2></BlogItemTitle>

With that in place using the “#postnumber” in the url will take you to a specific post. You can confirm this by “view source” and searching for “<a name” You should have several that appear as <a name=”postnumber”> without the “#” mark.

To get the permalink url, right click on the date in the “posted by” and “copy shortcut”.

What’s a “perma link”? These are urls that can be used to direct someone to a specific posting in a blog rather than just sending them to a top of a page. Each post has a “posted by” byline and in that there is a link which shows something like “” which would be the link to this post. As an example, here’s a link to my post about Eatting Spongebob Squarepants

Hope this helps someone.

More info: Perma link origins

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