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Wow! There’s a sharp bite in the air today. Con…

Wow! There’s a sharp bite in the air today.

Conversations with the 7 year old boy frequently have me concerned about his intelligence…then I remind myself “he’s 7!” Our face I think is fairly intelligent. The 13 yr old reads at a college level, has an extensive vocabulary, and could con most adults; the 10 yr old has an IQ off the charts but won’t apply herself; the 7 yr old is the top reader and challenges one other person in his class for the top speller; the 20 mth old was doing 3 year old developmental milestones at 1.5yrs; the wife has 2 degrees and is very intelligent; and I was always in gifted and talented programs until college where I successfully drank away my intelligence and left myself with a swiss cheese brain.

Today’s 7 year old conversation:

Dad- Have you had breakfast?

7 yr old- Yes.

Dad- What did you eat?

7 yr old- Oh. That’s right. I haven’t had breakfast.

It’s tough to be seven!

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