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Da Evening

The scout meeting was interesting. I’m bothered because 1) I don’t feel I’m working hard enough with my son on his scouting and 2) he’s earned a badge and not received it for 3 meetings despite reminders. Sometimes I feel singled out. I had that feeling tonight like I had in my early teens. I had just moved to New Orleans and suddenly I had no history but everyone else had history since they’d known each other for years. I was invited to hang out and play with the other kids but I never really felt a part of the other kids. I always felt like the outsider. Years later I realized I was just being neurotic.

So, am I being neurotic again? Or am I in the wrong tax bracket? Do I not give enough to the community or play the right politics? Or did I really get a hex put on me by some voodoo queen when I was living down in New Orleans and now my family is having to suffer through some twisted ironic luck because it isn’t bad luck; it’s alway “ironic.”

Time for bed.

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