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Get over Janet!

Janet Jackson Stunt May Impact Standards Please people! We have better things to be doing.

“- A banker from Knoxville, Tenn., filed a class action lawsuit against Jackson, dance partner Justin Timberlake, CBS, halftime show producers MTV and the networks’ parent company, Viacom. Terri Carlin said the “sexually explicit conduct” by the performers caused millions of people to “suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury.” ”

Outrage — let’s try “hop on the bandwagon” I really doubt this outraged anyone watching the SuperBowl. It wasn’t on long enough to outrage anyone. I bet the outraged ones were people that did not watch the Superbowl but followed it in the news. If the news had not made such a big deal out of this, then it would have died. Topics for outrage: stupid laws, our failing education system, increased bankrupcies against a backdrop of misappropriated funds in corp america and the government, people that believe a glimpse of a breast causes ‘serious injury’ (this banker needs a therapist)

Anger — anger that it wasn’t a longer spot or more revealing

embarrassment — only that the men stared and got caught by their wives

serious injury — WHAT?! The only people seriously injured are going to be the people paying the fines and legal fees for frivolous lawsuits like this one (and maybe that one grip that fell off the stage)

The local article as published in the local Knoxville paper “Carlin’s lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages worth billions. ” Billions? What? Her goals is to put people out of business or drive up the cost of everything we buy?

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