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Adventures at 7 years old

So, as I’m about to walk out the door to pickup the 13 yr old the 10 yr old comes in and says “Is the 7 yr old supposed to be going to a friend’s house? He didn’t get off the bus.” I quickly call the school and while talking to them the bus driver comes through on call waiting. He says he’ll wait up the street and I bolt out.

When I get to the street where the bus is I turn on flashers and park in the middle of the road (not many other options). I wave to the bus driver and walk over to get Noah. I’m cheerful and not scary. He’s been crying and is obviously upset. We talk about it and say it was no big deal. Then he goes with me to pickup the 13 yr old.

When we return home, I get a phone call from his teacher that begins “I should probably talk with your wife” then she hesitates and basically says “I guess I could discuss this with you”. I think my presence at the house rocked her world. Long and short. The wife and I spent the next 1.5-2 hours talking to Noah about why he’d said to a girl in the class “Do you have sex with your dad?” or “You have sex with your dad.” Basically 4 boys and the girl were gathered around a school publication that had a picture of THE girl holding hands with her dad. The boys acted like 7 yr olds and were teasing here. The 7 yr old’s definition of sex “kissing”. The girl’s mother isn’t upset but just wanted us to know.

This guy is going to be Cassanova in highschool or maybe middleschool. I guess we will be buying him condoms for his 11th birthday.

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