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So little to do… So much time…

I feel negligent. I picked up my book that I am writing for the baby. It’s written on handmade paper from India. I bought it the day she was born and intended to write a letter a day to her describing her growth and milestones. The last entry is from September 8, 2003. So much has happened since then! It’s impossible to recount.

To add insult to injury, when I started doing this for the baby, I realized I should also be doing it for the 13 yr old, the 10 yr old (most importantly), and the 7 yr old. These 3 children came into my life roughly 4 years ago and joined my household 2.5 years ago. The 7 yr old has spent more time with me than his biological father and truly knows me as “Dad.” I would love to have documented for each of the children our developing relationships. Finding time to write for 1 is difficult enough, but I will commit to doing this for all 4.

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