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I participated in the democratic process

My mother-in-law referred me to a job that pays $7/hr. My father-in-law referred me to a job that pays $55k/yr. So, which one holds me in higher regard? 🙂

* Ok. So I went and voted in the preliminaries. I would feel good about myself if it wasn’t for the fact that every time I step into a voting booth I realize there is so much more about politics that I really should understand. It makes me wonder that knowing what I know, how many people vote with no knowledge at all? “That names sounds similar to my uncle; he must be a good guy.” “I saw him on tv the most. He’s the guy!” It’s frustrating because I’d like to run out there and shake everyone and say “Do you know what you are doing?!” By pushing those buttons in the voting booth, we are deciding the future of our children’s lives, their education needs, our whole way of life; and they expect only 17% of registered voters to even bother showing up. It’s scary when you think about it because at some point it becomes an issue of economics and buying the right percentage of voters.

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