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My baby is adorable. She woke talkative and happy….

My baby is adorable. She woke talkative and happy. I gave her some milk, she hands me her pacifier, and then I sit on the floor. She climbs in my lap with a book and I read it to her once. On the 2nd read she flips the pages. Sometimes I read first, then she reads 2nd choosing what to say and when to flip the pages and whether or not the book is upside down because sometimes it looks better with the pictures the other way. After reading I get her some cereal (I was going to cook eggs but we are out of milk) and she puts down her milk, not just dropping it, but standing correctly on the floor. This is a quick motion and she then grabs for the bowl of cereal. Without spilling it she makes her way to her Little Tykes Climber (not quite the same as the one in this link. Her’s stands to my shoulders and is triangular. She loves to hide in it. It is her “safe place.”) gently puts the cereal bowl on top. Climbs the ladder. I give the milk to her. And she happily eats away.

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