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The Computer Move – Chapter 1

Network cable now run through the floor to the hubs and switches.

Next problem: power. I have lots of power supplies boxed up in either the garage or the bedroom. I may even have one under my desk somewhere. The ones under my feet are a rats nest of shared power; the unspoken implication of course being that all computers will have to be shutdown for this move and then some devices may be left without power. Wife’s computer will need a power strip, preferrably a decent surge protector and beyond budget, a nice UPS. Hmm. I wonder if the old UPS removed during the “short hunt” awhile back works? Alright. That will give me a reason to remove the cobs webs. First I need to download all pictures from the Compact Flash cards because I want to photo document the office clean up and the computer move. Meeting in 2.5 hours.

Follow the trail of bouncing digressions…

Upcoming problems. What to do with her printer? Possible solutions: 1) move it with the computer, 2) hook it up to a different computer for networked printing.

I’d really like to build an addition to the house right now.

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