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Busy Day

Dragged myself to a start. Finally got a bath and dressed. Noah (the 7 yr old) and I took the digital camera out to see Sarah (the 10 yr old) and the wife. Noah was terribly excited about working on his pinewood derby race car for scouts and terribly irritated with my initial sluggishness and then the distraction of going to the GirlScouts Thinking Day. What a great event! Noah had much fun but when he reached his fill he was itching to get to the pinewood derby workshop. Took many picture of Thinking Day (will post later). Noah and I got back in the Jeep and rolled it to a start (did I mention the starter is out). He gets a hoot out of that. He particularly loved it when I got out and started pushing to make it roll faster then jumped back in. Mom will be mad!

Some below age level behavior at the workshop but otherwise fun. We are struggling through the boring part. Noah wants a complicated car. We may end up wtih a wedge of cheese. The great cheese racer! That would actually be fun. I got all my questions answered except for forgetting the all crucial question “how do the wheels actually go on?” Our design should grab the prettiest but I’m not sure how we will do on speed. Next year we will go for speed!

Met the rest of the family at the mall and returned home minus 2 grandparents, 1 great grandparent, 1 10 yr old girl; heavy 1 7 yr old boy, 13 yr old boy, 1 wife and 1 toddler. Oh, roll started the Jeep in front of mall security. That should generate some interesting breakroom conversation. “Uh, George, I think I watched someone steel a Jeep today…”

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