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Using the Force

I keep forgetting to describe this. I’ve had a lot of friends that believe strongly in the more natural or mystical in our universe so I’ve participated in many debates and discussions that had no real answers but were plenty thought provoking. One such subject is the use of visualization for improvement. Well, this is really an unarguable one; if you visualize success, you are more likely to success; if you visualize improved performance or perfection, you are likely to improve. I personally have never applied visualization techniques to much of anything; my mind is too undiciplined.

Last night one of the tasks I wanted to get done was chopping wood so we would (pun) all sleep well with a good fire. Outside there is no moon so it is pitch black. I set the wood on the stump I use for chopping and grab my ax. I can’t see much of anything; perhaps a small outline of the wood. So I close my eyes and visualize where the wood sits. I see it in my minds eye with a nuclear green outline to the edges then a I swing the axe. Kerrack! I ended up with more accurate and more productive strikes than I normally have with light. Thank you Obi Won!

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