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Walked the yard today and observed the sinkhole in…

Walked the yard today and observed the sinkhole in the creek. Still not sure what to make of it. After a long dry spell I will play with it. Met the neighbor that recently put up a fence. I hate fences! And his was a spite fence serving no purpose but to draw a line between his property and my next door neighbor’s.

Sarah (the 10 yr old) is interacting nicely with Amy (the baby) while Sarah brushes out her own hair. Noah (7 yr old) is spacing out in a book; he was so lost in the book that Amy stuck a toothbrush in his ear and he didn’t know. Tommy (the 13 yr old) is lounging in the bath (on his stomach rocking back and forth–interpret how you want). Amy just laid her head down on the couch then quickly realized what she was doing and switched to sweeping the floor. Sarah just remembered some unfinished work. Amy went through all her see-n-say animals and noises with me at high speed. She is so smart! All the kids are!

Cathy is at a meeting but we have relative calm around here. She is still missed.

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