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Jokes at other people’s expense

Ok. I know the following is in bad taste but due to its nature I can’t help myself…

Man dies in 11-storey fall Tragic ending to birthday party

A CARLETON University engineering student participating in a spitting contest with friends plunged 11 floors off a downtown high-rise to his death late Saturday night …

…took a running start to try to spit further than his two friends when he unintentionally vaulted himself over the balcony railing.

Note: An engerineering student

“Two ladies came in and started screaming for me to call 911,” said Armstrong, adding a group of about eight of Jinah’s emotional friends rushed to his side.

I hope the friends used the stairs! Otherwise I could hear the ladies now, “That one was first. Then these came in rapid succession.”

“He was one of the smartest, most polite guys I ever met in my life,” …

Excuse me! He jumped off a balcony…

“… He had a maturity beyond his age.”

…in a spitting contest.

Armstrong said Jinah always made a point to stop and chat on his way into the building …

Perhaps he should have stopped before making his way out of the building.

His roommate, Eric Hwang, was too distraught to comment on what happened.

Sure. He’s probably thinking “I can’t afford this place on my own.”

ok. That poor commentary is going to come back to me karmically somehow I’m sure.

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