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t-minus 45 minutes

I can’t get any programming done today. I can get in my chair and bring myself to be focused long enough to knock out this 1 silly piece of work. Probably 1 solid hour is all it would take but my mind is racing with “review first aid materials” (don’t want to look like a moron tonight), “clean floors,” (mother in law babysitting kids here) “chop wood” (they are now saying we are getting 4-8 inches of snow tonight–the kids are in shorts right now!), “get upstairs and check on the 10 yr old watching the 21 mth old,” (house really needs cameras all over the place), “oh, the 13 yr old should be checked on,” (he’s got strep) “I need a bath,” (not gonna happen) “everything needs to be done in 45 minutes” (ugh!).

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