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I felt myself being short and gruff with the 13 yr…

I felt myself being short and gruff with the 13 yr old and quickly put it into check. Anger is too strong an emotion to describe my feelings but I will use it for lack of a better word. The 13 yr is having a good time building a model that my father bought him during our Christmas visit. My true anger was directed at myself; I should have given him the time to help him learn modeling by now. I wanted to teach him how to trim the flash, make looking up ways to paint it fun, and enjoy the time with him building a great looking model. I also had some directed at the grandparents for allowing him to start this model because he looked unguided; my main irritation being that no newspaper was put over the work surface – glue everywhere. No irritation with Tommy. The model thus far looks good and I told him so.

I recognize that my feelings are greatly misdirected and that I can still teach Tommy modelling and now he has some experience to grow on. I have grown and learned.

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