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What a day!

So far a great day! Playing board games with the kids, sledding with the kids, and now Microsoft Office 2003, One Note 2003 and Business Contact Manager 2003 arrived! Woot!

The sledding reminded me how fun it is to be a kid and how thankful that I can relive it as a parent. I think the rest of this snow the hill is all theirs and my bottom is staying dry. I went down the hill tandem individually with Noah, Sarah and Amy. Unfortunately, Tommy at 191.5 pounds (86.86 kg thanks is too heavy to ride together; besides, with our combined weight we would have gone into the creek and probably a mile beyond that. Sarah and I had trouble steering together and we toppled…brrrr. Amy and I picked a small hill and she giggled profusely. Noah after a couple of runs says “I want to play with Amy.” What a great brother!

I’m back inside and dried up. I may go out again but this time will be totally as an observer and cheerleader.

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