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Bad Crash

My wife awoke early so I came downstairs 9ish. My body was aching (physically shaking) and my mind racing so I gave into a “nap.”

* 9am sleep

* 9:20am phone rings, wife is looking for me; I’m up but return to bed

* 10 am awoke paniced

* 11 am awoke terrified

Here’s the internal details. Sleep was incredibly deep with unbelievably vivid dreams (and no, I took none of Cathy’s Tylenol). Most of the dreams centered on tasks that need to be done and how to accomplish them; some of the dreams revolved around getting my lazy tail out of bed; and some of the dreams were so dark that they won’t be mentioned here beyond this sentence-you know, dark in the way that make psychologists put little flags in their notes.

Now I’m up but so cold that I’m wearing leather duster to work. Typing has helped center me and bring some necessary calm.

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