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Well, I’ve got my act together today! Apparently a…

Well, I’ve got my act together today! Apparently after cooking eggs, toast and sausage (Thank you George Foreman!) I apparently left the eye on the stove turned on while taking the kids to school. Then I stopped and put gas in the car (13.784 gallons at $1.559per totaling $21.49) and bought a gallon of milk and 1 lottery scratch off ticket (I’ve now bought 4 – $4 and won $2 so I’m in the hole $2 — I wonder how deep in the hole some of these addict are?). The catch? Apparently the whole time my pants zipper was down; fortunately I had my shirt untucked so I think I was well covered.

The baby has stirred. I must move down to my computer and try to accomplish something. I still have that 1 hour’s worth of work that must be done and I’d like to put another 3 hours into the project just to impress. The client called yesterday and I’m afraid to listen to the voicemail.

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