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Movie: The Passion of the Christ

This is a difficult one to review. I have to say the 2 hours and 6 minutes went by rapidly which implies a good movie. However, I’d have to say that if someone that had never heard of Jesus Christ, had never read the bible, and had never been told any of the backstory, this movie would have lacked plot and given the viewer the impression that they were watching a documentary about how unjust and horrid our lives where 2004 years ago as seen through the eyes of a crazy man being persecuted.

I say “a crazy man” because if someone in ragged clothing ran around today declaring that he was the son of God would we not persecute him? I don’t think a crucifix would be today’s choice; instead we would lock him in a tiny room and give him regular treatments of antipsychotic medicines.

Mel Gibson’s choice of using subtitles and not English was superb! Had it been done in English, I believe the movie would have had no credit whatsoever.

This movie mirrored Braveheart in style. The violence and bloodshed was not as sickening as other reviews I read would have one believe but it is amazing that the body continued to move after the beating and beating that they presented it.

The summary on iwon tells the entire movie. Having read that summary, you would be watching only for the effects and violence.

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