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My wife and I were wonding about Spalding Gray a…

My wife and I were wonding about Spalding Gray and his disappearance. Here’s more Still No Answers in Spalding Gray Case

Nearly two months after actor-writer Spalding Gray walked out of his Manhattan apartment and disappeared, his wife holds out hope that he will return unharmed.

…36 tips…several accounts from reliable witnesses who believe they saw Gray on the Staten Island ferry…Russo has said she fears he may have tried to jump off the boat.

Russo has two sons – ages 11 and 6 – and a stepdaughter with Gray. She has been frustrated that she has nothing to tell them beyond “Dad’s missing and the police are looking.”

…Though she still hopes that Gray will turn up unscathed, Russo said her rational side now believes “he’s had some kind of accident, either intentional or not.”

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