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Trama resolved. The air in the house is so dry….

Trama resolved.

The air in the house is so dry. I feel like my skin could just flake off. I’m so dehydrated. Outside it’s like a tropical rain forest which reminds me that the rainy season is coming and I’m short the $1000 I need to finish the French drain in front of the house. It will take me a week by myself or 2 weekends with a couple of strong backs helping me. I need to rent a backhoe, purchase pipe, rock, tar (or other sealant), thick mil’d plastic, and 2 or 3 dumps of soil. If I rent the backhoe, I can use it to move rock and dirt around. However, it might behoove me to pay someone with experience to dig out the ditch ($50/hr expect 4-6 hours) then rent a Bobcat to move stuff around. For this yard, buying a used Bobcat would probably be wise.

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