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Met the kids at the doctors office and Granddaddy …

Met the kids at the doctors office and Granddaddy stood just behind Dad and Dad stepped just to the right and Amy looked them both over, grinned, outstretched arms, ran straight to….Granddaddy! Her cuteness factor was turned up high tonight. Tommy was over stimulated from group therapy. Noah was taking the world in stride spaced out in his book. And Sarah was lollygagging about her homework. Mom looked like she needed a valium.

Parting company with the father-in-law, we left therapy for Sonic where the quarterly cleaning of rubbish from the car ensued, Tommy talked a mile a minute, Sarah groused over not getting to eat “anywhere but here” and other fun chaos.

After eatting, we proceeded to Barnes & Noble for Dr. Suess’ birthday! The older 3 instantly disappeared into the crowd; I later tracked down Tommy to limit his cookie and drink intake and suggest that 3 door prize tickets was 2 more than he should have and no more should be gotten. Amy examined the crowd with hesitation but for a moment then launched herself into the unknown for a certain good time. Coincidentally and by accident, she was dressed in perfect Suess attire, a red and white horizontally striped dress. She roamed freely with an adult shadow and finally settled in at the Brio table and was joined by 5 or 6 girls of similar height, all blonde, looking somewhat like a staged photo for a postcard; I wish I’d had my camera! It was a grande evening!

Returned home to accomplish much delayed programming. Now growing too tired to finish. So close that I know I can finish in the morning.

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