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More worry for parents

As parents, we can do as much damage by being over protective than we can by giving no parenting at all. Articles like this one " Report: Local Teens Branding Bodies, Running Health Risks " make you want to never leave your child’s side. Hopefully we can get through by having open communication and engraining right from wrong and the concept of making good choices. I know I did my fair share of stupid things as a child and teenager and young adult; shoot, I continue to do a variety of stupid things on a somewhat daily basis. I am thankful to be alive to be able to council my children. I just hope they make the right choices when presented with the options ahead of them.

…It’s been three weeks, but the scar and scabs and pus are still visible (pictured, left) on a local 16-year-old. She was branded, using a coat hanger, a blowtorch and seconds of pain….

…In high schools across the metro area, branding is becoming popular, 7NEWS reported. And since you have to be 18 to get it done properly, many teens are turning to friends and branding parties….

…Long term, because unlike tattoos or piercing, branding can never be undone. …

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